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About Us

Our company White Glove Movers has been located in Antioch, California ever since it was founded. In the last five years population of Antioch has grown by more than 8% with no indication of slowing down anytime soon. This was, of course, great for our business. During this period we were busier more than ever and a lot of families and businesses came to our lovely town. With beautiful lakes and parks like Lake Alhambra, Antioch Community Park, and Lone Three Golf Course, our lovely city has become an ideal place to start your new business or family. If you are considering moving to our town, we strongly recommend it. We have welcoming community and our people are open to everyone. As for the moving service, there is no better company than ours.

The White Glove Movers company is part of this friendly community and as such is more than willing to help you with any moving service you might need. Since we were founded, we always tried to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our number one concern is the client’s satisfaction and our workers will go the extra mile to provide you with the best service possible. Antioch is famous for its hospitality and we are a perfect representation of that. Regardless of what type of job you need we are fully capable of completing it. We specialize in both commercial and residential moving services and offer some specialty services that others might not have. By hiring us you won’t have to go to other companies for assembling and packaging services, White Glove Movers will do that for you.

With our honest and friendly approach to our clients, we have managed to be on top of moving industry for last ten years. Our trusting and faithful customers have helped us with this and we are forever grateful to them. Another big contributor to our success is our workforce. They are well trained and highly experienced in any type of moving job. With us, accidents are unlikely to happen and even if they do White Glove Movers is a licensed and fully insured company so any damage will be compensated. We know that there are a lot of scammers and illegitimate moving companies out there. That is why we always try to be as transparent as possible with our clients so there is no room for doubt.

Communication is key in moving business. Whether you need to reschedule your delivery date, ask about pricing or to have something explained we will always be there for you. We talk with our customers all the time and about everything, so there is no reason you shouldn’t contact us through our number (925) 350-4525 or simply visit our Contact Us page and message us from there.

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