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Commercial Relocation

The city of Antioch is a great place to open new offices or even relocate your whole company. White Glove Movers offer moving services for companies of all sizes. Regardless if you are a big or small company and want to move just one division or the whole business our team of professional movers will make sure everything runs smoothly and nothing gets damaged during the transport. With our vast experience in commercial moving and our skilled workers, we can help you relocate any kind of business you might be running. We are even specialized in moving dangerous items, so relocating hazardous chemicals from your laboratory won’t be a problem to us.

Commercial moves are not an easy task and should only be handled by professionals. Luckily, our workers are just that and they will gladly help you with everything that comes with commercial moving. Don’t think that you can start the moving process right away. We do offer emergency moving service, but if there is no need for that we strongly recommend that we take it slowly. Now this doesn’t mean that will we shirk on our job. We will take you through the process step by step so you have a complete understanding of every part of the process. A lot of shady moving companies exist in our industry and they will do everything to lure you in. Mainly they promise fast service with no explanation, but when time to pay comes, additional costs rise up and you are left with nothing but to pay them.

We don’t do our business this way. Firstly, we will come to scout your offices or storage places and plan the course of action. Together with you, we will write down every item that needs to be moved and prioritize them. This way, if your workers are already waiting for their desks and computers to arrive, we will move them first and you can continue with your business while we finish the rest. This part will also give us an estimated time and price that are required to finish this job. You will be surprised how inaccurate with their expectations some of our clients are. People think that moving companies want to stall the time, especially if they are being paid by the hour. White Glove Movers doesn't have this problem because we carefully explain why the whole process will take a set amount of time and if we exceed that time we won’t bill it to our client.

In the next step, you will pick what services you want to hire from us. Because we offer customizable plans our clients can choose what services to hire what not to. Of course, you can opt in for full-service, in which case we will do everything from the beginning to the end while you can focus on preparing a new start for your business. Our full package contains services like office packing and unpacking, office furniture moving and rearranging, office junk pick up and disposal and lastly we will bring all necessary moving supplies. As we said you can pick and choose what you need from these services and we will bill you accordingly.

Moving Supplies

To make everything easier for your commercial move, White Glove Movers can equip you with all necessary moving supplies from crates and boxes of any size to tapes and other wrapping materials that will keep everything in one place. Boxes come in different shapes and sizes and we have a wide range of them. Everything from standard boxes of all sizes to specialized boxes for computers, televisions, books, etc. There is no item we cannot wrap, package and transport without damaging it

Office packing and unpacking

Moving your offices is a stressful thing by itself, but having to think about the logistics of the moving process is not something you should bother yourself with. Leave that to us. White Glove Movers have professional workers that have a ton of experience with transporting offices from one place to another without making a huge mess. We will carefully categorize your items so every file, desk, cabinet and computer arrives on time and to the right place. We will not only transport and dump your office items in front of your new place, but will also put everything in its right place.

Office junk disposal

Even after you move to the new offices there is a lot of debris and junk that needs to be picked up. A lot of moving companies leave these leftovers around your office, but not the White Glove Movers. We will gladly pick everything up and make sure everything is spotless and ready for your opening day. Besides cleaning we can also remove any unnecessary items that are cluttering your offices. For example, cubicles are hard to remove and require special tools. To save yourself time and trouble call us and we will take care of it easily.

Office furniture moving and rearranging

A lot of offices come with prebuilt cubicles, carpets, and other furniture. If you don’t like how everything is arranged and want to make some changes around your office, we will happily help you with that. White Glove Movers come equipped with all necessary tools and skills for this type of job so you don’t have to worry if something is possible or impossible. Just give us the task and we will jump on it immediately.

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