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We are always open to talk to our clients. We have fully dedicated support team that is available for your questions every day of the week regardless of the hour. If you have an emergency or just need some information about moving services from us don’t hesitate to call us at our number (925) 350-4525 or message us by filling our form on this page. To increase response time we have streamlined questions in five categories:


Feedback is very important to us. We always read what people have to say about our company and use this information to improve our services. Regardless if it’s a positive or negative feedback we encourage you to leave it on our website. It will help us greatly with future clients. We have also made a form for leaving feedback to further ease the process. It will take you only a couple of minutes to fill it out depending on how long it is.


Complaints are an essential part of every business. White Glove Movers tries to keep them on the minimum. We are not super humans and accidents happen that is why we have made a separate category for such things. You can easily file a complaint about your damaged or lost item and we will compensate the damages once we carefully evaluate the situation. We are licensed and insured company so you don’t have to worry about us scamming you.


Moving jobs require meeting a lot of deadlines, but sometimes people just can’t make it on time and they need to reschedule. We completely understand that something can always come up and stop you from honoring previously set time and date. That is why we offer you an option to move the delivery for another date when you will surely be able to make it. With just one message you can inform us of rescheduling and we can agree on a different date immediately. Just remember to let us know a few days in advance so we have time to reorganize.


This section of questions is fully dedicated for emergency calls. We have a detailed page that explains our approach to emergencies. If you need additional information we strongly recommend that you read it. But if you are in need of emergency moving service highlight that and our system will flag your message as number one priority and someone from our team will get back to you in just a few of minutes.

Other questions

The last category is for all those questions you might have for us, but they don’t fit in the categories above. You can ask us about pricing, materials we use, transportation time and every other little thing you are curious about. Of course, our website is pretty detailed and covers almost everything there is about moving services, but if you are struggling to find an answer for something, then give us a call, we will happily answer it for you.

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