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Full-Service Movers

White Glove Movers offer a full-service moving option. With us, you won’t have to hire other companies for services like assembly, packaging, renting storage places, etc. Our workers are fully trained and prepared to handle any task you might have for us regarding your moving process. We know that the majority of our competitors don’t offer them or even charge premium rates for these special services, but we don’t. White Glove Movers offer fair prices for both regular moving services like loading and transportation and specialty moving services like renting storage units and disassembling and assembling. By hiring us you won’t have to bother with hiring ten different companies for each individual task, instead we will take care of everything and you can focus settling in.

We have fully dedicated pages for some of the specialty services like packing and wrapping, emergency moving, etc. so check them out for more information, but we also offer assembling and disassembling services and storage rental services.

Storage renting

Some of our clients just need to move a couple of items from their home or office, but they don’t have a place to store them in. Finding a good storage unit that is safe and decently priced is very hard in our town. A lot of storage units have problems with humidity and usually, have poor safety systems, making them an easy target for burglars. On top of that, if the renter sees that you are in a hurry, they will drive up the price. White Glove Movers can hook you up with the best storage units on the market. We rent only climate controlled and insured storages.

Your items can stay in them for as long as you need them and with our latest security systems, you won’t have to worry about burglars at all. We can package and transport them to the storage unit so you don’t have to move a finger. If you need such a service give us a call we will gladly help you with it.

Assembling and disassembling service

Houses and offices have some parts that need to be removed by professionals. We are of course talking about bathtubs, showers, kitchen elements, home theaters, etc. Proper tools and knowledge are required and our workers have both. We can disassemble anything you want and assemble it again without any problems.

There is no need to call other companies or bother yourself with these tasks, White Glove Movers will gladly help you. As we said, same fair price policy applies to these services so it won’t even cost you a fortune as it might with other companies. Contact us through this phone number (925) 350-4525 or by filling out the form on our Contact Us page and explain what exactly needs disassembling and assembling so we know what tools and supplies we need to bring.

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