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Interstate Moving

There are a lot of reasons people decide to move to some other state. Some are following their career, some are expanding their businesses and some just want a new beginning. Moving to a different state should be an exciting time, but often people are stressed by the logistics of the moving process. White Glove Movers can take off some of that burden and help you with your moving. We are fully specialized in all types of moving services so you can call us regardless if you need a commercial or residential moving service.

Moving across the country isn’t as easy as moving a few streets away. All of your belongings need to go with you and that means, furniture, pets, appliances and even your vehicles. This is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A proper plan needs to be made so nothing gets lost and damaged in the process. White Glove Movers have a team of professionals that are fully capable of leading you through your moving process.

Be extra cautious

Because interstate moving has additional regulations you need to make sure that you are hiring a legitimate company that is fully authorized to offer these services. Insurance is very important because if anything bad happens to your stuff, you won’t be compensated if they don’t have one. White Glove Movers has the best possible insurance policy. We won’t try to shift the blame to you and will repair and compensate any damage. Besides being licensed and insured ask them to show you their D.O.T number and FMCSA registration (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

D.O.T number is a proof that the company is licensed for moving services. We always let our clients know that we are licensed so there is no room for any doubt. FMCSA registration is an absolute necessity for interstate moving companies. This confirms that their business is legitimate, and that their workers and vehicles are fully capable of handling such jobs. Companies without these two things should not be hired for any moving job let alone interstate moving.

Our company, White Glove Movers will be fully transparent with you. We will make sure every proof of registration is available for your viewing so you don’t have any second thoughts about hiring us. If our workers don’t offer these themselves, which they usually do, don’t hesitate to ask for them yourself.

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